Enjoy the music festival with these packing tips

There’s nothing worse than trying to throw a bag over your shoulder and making your way into an event and being forced to leave things in the car. In this article, we’ve listed out a few tips for packing for musical festivals that are worth considering before you leave home.

Clear Bag

Airports, sporting events and other venues are implementing policies that require clear bags to make it easier for security officers to see what’s in your purse. Stow your bag in a separate pouch when possible, organize items into piles, and avoid the backpack with million pocket.

Clear-backpack.com provides convenient backpack to take with you when you need to pack your things before heading through security. With an integrated water bottle holder and clear, uncluttered pockets for personal items, it makes traveling in style easier than ever.

Sealed Water Bottles

We attended a DJ pool concert at an Arizona Casino. We couldn’t drink water, so I picked up a sealed water bottle from my bag and brought it into the pool area. They said no in the beginning but there were tubs of water bottles throughout that could be re-filled.

Lawn Chairs

Country Thunder has concerts across the US, in Arizona once a year for many days, last year on Wednesday through Sunday. It is an outside all-day event. The gates open in the morning and many people will crowd close to the stage trying to secure their spot, as sitting further from the stage requires much more effort. A comfortable chair is absolutely crucial when watching a music festival for long hours at a time. Be careful about packing too much when you come as security can be tough if you overstep a boundary.


An umbrella in the hot summer sun is a good idea. But, it’s not a good idea to bring an umbrella to an outdoor concert. There was no umbrellas allowed at the concert due to security reasons that blocked the view of people behind you. However, we had hats sit in the sun instead and kept cool.

Outside Food

Arizona has an indoor sporting arena. When I attended a concert that Selena Gomez was giving there years ago, I wasn’t expecting them to allow outside food inside at all. When there are many fast-food restaurants nearby, people were allowed to bring in their own bags, but they had to be checked by the security team.


Imagine going to a music festival in the dark. You’re tired, maybe you have a hangover, or you just don’t feel so great. But the next time it comes to finding your tent without stumbling, tripping, getting lost, or even waking up everyone else sleeping in their tents, consider wearing a headlamp.

Music Festivals Packing Tips

The most important thing about packing for a music festival is to check the list of items that you can and cannot bring in. That list can also help you save money if you can bring your own food, rather than eating at the venue food prices.